Department Organization

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Grand Island Police Department


Patrol & Criminal Investigation Divisions


Captain Dean Elliott



The Patrol Division is responsible for uniform patrol duties in the City. The City is divided into North and South geographical teams with sergeants and officers assigned to each area covering all hours of the day. Team officers use marked patrol cars, unmarked cars, bicycles, and foot patrol to perform their duties. The Patrol Division officers have the most daily contact with people in the City and respond to most crimes, citizen calls for services and accidents.

The Patrol Division has a team of Special Operations Sergeants who are responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to address crime and traffic problems in the City. The Special Operations Sergeants have the resources of the Crime Prevention Unit, the Housing Authority Officer, and the Code Enforcement Unit in addition to the patrol teams to implement strategies and attack problems.

The Criminal Investigation Division, known as CID, consists of several components, some of which work in offsite locations. It has 2 Sergeants, 11 Investigators, 2 Civilian Evidence Technicians and 1 Record Clerk. The Division is responsible for the investigation of major crimes and follow ups that require extensive or specialized work. Contained within the Division are the General Investigations Unit, Officers and Supervisors of the Drug and Safe Streets Task Force, Child Abuse Investigators, Evidence Section, Pawn and 2nd Hand Goods Investigations and Crime Stoppers. CID also serves as the contact point and liaison with outside agencies.



Administration Division


Captain James Duering

The Administrative Division is responsible for the administration and support of police functions; or those things that keep the Police Department running behind the officers.  Budget preparation and management and grants are part of the Administrative duties.  The Records Unit and Service Desk are in the Division and are necessary to process all of the paperwork that keeps the police side of the criminal justice process moving. The Training Unit and Personnel Supervisor are charged with training, hiring, retention, and recruiting in this division.  Victim / Witness services, and Custodial and Building Maintenance are part of the Division.  Fleet services and equipment are the responsibility of this division as well as the supervision of the Community Service Officers.