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You can help solve crime in Grand Island!

You can receive cash rewards for information that leads to the arrest of criminals!  MONEY 

You do not need to give your name to call Crime Stoppers and leave a tip!


Here's how you can help fight crime and potentially receive a reward for your help. 

Call:    308-381-8822               Woman on Phone


Text:  308-381-8822              Texting on Phone                   

  • You are not required to give your name if you do not want to.  You will be asked to provide some method of contacting you, such as a phone number, e-mail or text address, for processing your Crime Stoppers case and if further information is needed.
  • The more information you can provide about the crime and the person committing the crime will increase the chance of the case being solved and you receiving a reward.
  • Your call will be assigned a Crime Stoppers case number.  The Police Department will review and investigate the case.  The Department may contact you using your contact method to see if you have any further information that would help in the case.  If the Police Department makes an arrest, your case is sent to the Crime Stoppers' Board.  They review the case and may grant a reward.
  • A Crime Stoppers' representative will use your contact method to inform you of the reward and how you can pick up the reward from a local bank.  You will not need to give your name or other information to receive the reward.

Help us solve crime in Grand Island!  Call Crime Stoppers!  Hands in Handcuffs

About Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers was established in Grand Island in 1982.  Crime Stoppers is governed by a board of community members.  The Board meets every other month, six times per year.  The Police Department provides administrative support to Crime Stoppers and has a representative attend Board meetings.  The Board reviews cases, grants rewards, raises funds when needed and conducts other business of Crime Stoppers.

Board Meeting

Supporting Crime Stoppers

SERVING ON THE BOARD - The Board is always interested in new members who would like to support Crime Stoppers.  Board meetings are held early in the morning and normally last less than one hour.  Board activity other than the scheduled meetings is limited.  Board members are expected to make as many of the Board meetings as possible.

DONATING TO CRIME STOPPERS - Crime Stoppers relies upon donations from the community for funding to pay rewards and maintain the Crime Stoppers phone service.  Periodically the Crime Stoppers' Board will conduct a fund raising program if funds are needed.  You may contribute to Crime Stoppers at any time by contacting Grand Island Crime Stoppers  or mailing your contribution to:

Grand Island - Hall County Crime Stoppers, Inc.

PO Box 1603

Grand Island, NE 68802